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Our clients tend to be veteran-oriented

Either veterans specifically, or businesses and nonprofits that support veterans. This focus lets us direct all our efforts on what – and who – we are passionate about.

We work with veteran entrepreneur businesses that are small to mid-sized
Our clients are typically retired or seperated from the military and are intent on leveraging their hard-earned military skills to create and grow new opportunities.

Our second market is serving veteran-related nonprofits
So many veteran-related problems need to be talked about and solved – suicide, homelessness, physical injuries, or PTSD to name a few – and nonprofits are working hard to spread their mission and help those in need.

But growing a business online can be a real pain…

As you build and grow your business, you’re running into specific problems that we can solve for you

Let’s be real, no matter how dedicated you are or how much you hustle, business growth is not always smooth – exactly the kinds of issues that our clients need solved

Not Enough…

Your site isn’t bringing in new business or more revenue. Even though you may like your site, it’s just not producing the desired results. Your website seems to just “sit there” – not driving sales of what you’re offering. You know something’s wrong, but you’re not sure what, or how to fix it. Without the lifeblood of new clients to your website, you can’t grow your business.

It’s a Balancing Act…

You need a new website without pain or disruption. You have an endless list of things to do for your business. You can’t spend time doing handholding with the web designer. You may have even had a previous website design “nightmare” experience. Delays, disasters, debacles, and disapperances haunt you when you think about starting the project.


You are unclear on the ideal customers for your business. Perhaps your market is evolving or you’re shifting your target. Without a clearly identified target market, you don’t know where or how to locate them. You can’t create targeted content to attract them. You waste your time, money, and drive trying to market to every person living – with minimal or no ROI.

Not Interested…

You’re not a tech nerd and don’t want to become one. When you think about building a new site, you want external expertise. Website and digital security best practices are constantly changing, and staying on top of them isn’t a priority for you. It’s exhausting to even think about. You want to spend your time working with customers and bring in more revenue.

Are you ready to grow and thrive online? 

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Our Clients Have A Specific Set of Characteristics

When we examined our most successful clients, a few traits stood out.

Some of them are due to a military background. Some are just plain “good business.”

True Leader

You are engaged and excited, but don’t want to micromanage. You believe in working closely in consistent “doses,” then trusting the expertise of the profession. You communicate well, give clear directions, and flexibly consider alternate suggestions.


You view business projects as collaboration between equals. You expect a web designer to come up with ideas and solve problems. You’re looking for the kind of working relationship that inspires brilliance on both sides.


You view a project as an investment and want actual results. You don’t want to spend money on gimmicks for “snake oil.” You’re looking for proven methodologies, plans, processes, and frameworks.


You are community-minded and dedicated to service. You probably have the desire to contribute and help others. What you do is positive and “world changing…” even when it’s just in your own neighborhood.

We’re here with you every step of the way…

Client Testimonials

A top notch and an absolute joy to work with. 
After several months of frustration trying to do it all myself, Bobbi helped me develop short and long term strategies to strengthen our web presense.

Paul Pest


Bobbi is incredibly helpful and inspirational!

She has an impressive ability to help me hone in on my wants and refine my focus. Instead of telling me what to do, she provided helpful action steps, questions, and other tools that stimulate self-reflection so that I could come to my own conclusions about what is best for my company.

I am 100% satisfied & would highly recommend her!

Marla Cristina

Personal Style Consultant

Extremely professional and a  pleasure to work with.

She definitly knows her stuff on the technical side of a website, but the most important thing for me was her professionalism, follow up, and accountability. She has been instrumental for the success of my website and giving me one less thing to worry about.

I would recommend Bobbi to anyone who needs help making their website as efficent and effective as possible.

Brad Johnson

The Hemp Products Store

Bobbi is amazing!

She helped me find my focus, was patient, and knowledgeable as she guided me on setting up my website.

She was a perfect fit for my needs!

Melissa Bitter

MP ProWriter

Rock Star!

I contacted Bobbi on a Tuesday and she had my site operational by Saturday. She produces results. She is a rock star and highly recommend her!

Jonathan Norton

Peak Safety Systems, LLC

Organized, detail oriented, responsive, and professional.
I have had the opportunity to work with Bobbi over the past several months and have been incredibly impressed. Her commitment and dedication, her technical savvy, and her willingness to go the extra mile for a client to help them is awesome. She is organized, detail oriented, responsive, and professional.
I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to expand the digital footprint of their organization!

Michael Meath

Fallingbrook Associates, LLC

Where To Next?

Now you have an idea about the kinds of clients and businesses we work with and the types of challenges they face

 Are you ready to see if our values and goals align?