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Start Strong, Finish Stronger

Start Strong, Finish Stronger

Goals 2018 Needs Coffee

So You Want A Website… Now What?

Is your New Year resolution to build a website, grow your business, and get your ideas out there?


It is generally believed that if you write your goal down, you’ll be more likely to follow through with them. In fact, according to the internet, there was a study conducted on this by Harvard back in 1979. The study found that, out of all the new graduates, that only 3% had clear, written goals, and the plans to accomplish them. Ten short years later, those graduates were interviewed again. Can you imagine the shock when it was realized that, on average, those graduates were earning 10 times as much as the rest of their graduating class put together?

This is huge! At least… if it was true. Unfortunately, this supposed story was never actually conducted, but is often quoted by self-help gurus and coaches. Those dreamed up graduates obviously had huge successes in their lives and we would be hard pressed to rise to their levels. But if you look at any Fortune 500 CEO, you’ll find that they are all chock full of goals… and plans.. and strategies. What about your goals? Do they happen to look like a list of your dreams? That isn’t quite the way to go – I would urge you to look back on your goals today and see if they are SMART.

Great goals should be SMART

smart goals graphic

But what does SMART goals really mean? Anything that is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. This thinking is not for the faint of heart, as you will need to understand your strengths and weaknesses! Setting completely unrealistic goals will only result in frustration… for as much as I would love to be a flying superhero and save the day, I understand that making more realistic goals, such as “be a superhero to my children”, would be much more achievable.

Establishing measurable metrics to achieve will let you know if you have succeeded or not while timely ensures that this goal doesn’t last your whole life (which, if that’s what you want, I would strongly recommend breaking that goal down into more bite-sized chunks!). Ensuring that your goal is specific will clearly identify your scope while actionable will give you direction. Documenting all of these elements is extremely important when figuring out your SMART goal – and it’s even more important to realize that these goals should not be set in stone!

Wait, what? You should not bind yourself to following your “perfect” goal. Instead, understand that your goal, and the elements included, is flexible and modifiable. Think about it – if some major problem reared it’s ugly head halfway through your implementation, would that mean that you failed? NO! It means that an unknown problem has occurred that you will overcome it. It may take a longer time, it may take a different path, or you may completely pivot to a different goal. But it is important to understand that as long as you keep trying to move forward, you will reach your goals.

For some extra assistance on developing your SMART goals, sign up for access to my Swipe File page and pick up an amazing PDF. It will help guide you through the process – just look for SMART Goals.pdf!

SMART goals website example

In addition to your SMART goals, I recommend that you write down some additional notes:

  1. Business Idea
  2. Website Topic
  3. Website Platform
  4. End Goal
  5. Level of Effort Desired
  6. Schedule Required

Writing down these bits of information will give you an idea on how difficult your business and website goals will actually be, what you will need to work on, and which topics you will need to clarify before you start. It’s always a great idea to have your information documented so you can refer back to it as needed. But you shouldn’t worry if you don’t have all the information right now – that just gives you further impetus to figure it out!

If you haven’t signed up for my Swipe File page, you’ll be missing out on another amazing PDF: SMART Goals – Additional Information.pdf. Get it now!

But What’s Next For My Business and Website?

Writing down your goals is really just the first step in the process. Not only should you document all your ideas, but you should establish sub-goals (also known as planning). These sub-goals will establish the steps required to accomplish the main goal. A bit confused? Let’s try an example:

example business website sub goals

Putting down all this information on paper gives you a guideline or a checklist needed to accomplish it. So do you want to start a business? Well, first you need to do this, this, and, oh yeah, that. Having a clear and actionable path will give you just the right start you need to start strong… and finish stronger!

But wait, are you not quite sure on what that key topic will be or what exactly the end goal is that you are striving for? Start brainstorming. Ask your friends and family. Think about all the things that you are already amazing at. And, most importantly, consider any problems or issues that you see in your life. You might just be the person to solve them! For more information on how to take your brainstorming to the next level, check out this post on Mind Mapping – an awesome thought exercise that gets you to where you need to go!

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