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Quick and Dirty: What Do I Need to Set Up My Blog?

Quick and Dirty: What Do I Need to Set Up My Blog?

Top 10 Things to Get Your Website Started

So many of the articles that are online seem to have so much filler text when…

all I want is the key information. Seriously, that’s it.

This is a draft outline – but I plan to link additional articles over time. Sign up for my newsletter to get an update when something new gets added!

So without much ado, the key bits needed to have a successful blog:

  1. A Idea – Flesh it out. Build it up. Get it out there.
  2. A Niche – Find your focus.
  3. A Goal – Decide your your end result.
  4. A Plan – Plot out your milestones.
  5. A Design – Build the website for your business or blog to grow.
    • Click here for the steps on how to set up your website. And here to see what you need to make it STUNNING.
  6. A Picture – Or two. Or three. The sky’s the limit.
  7. A Microphone – Also known as social media and SEO. Talk to your future-readers.
  8. A Reason –  Show your readers that they should come back.
  9. A Following – Show people why you’re awesome. Build relationships.
  10. A Purpose – A firm reason of why you should continue. If you don’t like your website, neither will your readers.

And that’s it. Quick and dirty.


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