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You Don’t Want To Buy Just A Website

You Need A Marketing Platform That Brings You Donors, Leads, and Revenue

A “website” isn’t the right objective. A website that brings you leads and revenue is what you need. It’s a confusing marketplace. There are plenty of amateurs (even the kid down the block) offering really cheap sites. What’s not obvious though is that those sites are cheap because they’re not going to do much for your business. Unless your site designer has a solid education in web design and marketing, you’re probably wasting your money.

If You’re Looking For A Non-Profit Website…

You Have Specific and Unique Needs To Satisfy

Non-profits are unique businesses (yes, they are businesses). They are a breed apart. You’re mission-driven, and profit isn’t exactly profit—except that you need it to stay viable. Your business is strictly regulated, and you won’t survive or serve your population if you don’t conform to those regulations. Even more unusual, you spend considerable time raising operating funds through donations.

You Want To Understand The Benefits…

When You’re Considering Investing In A Website

Let’s face it, a good website is a big investment. You’re going to be presented with many options, and encounter many decisions. You may even have to deal with a failed website project or two on your path to success.

– We clearly identify your audience, your objectives, and the strategy to deliver those objectives

– Your website is designed to be a lead funnel— it’s primary purpose is to turn visitors into clients

– By its nature, brand development is a part of website design and how your business is defined online

Usability is as important to your website as beauty and creativity of design

– Your site is mobile responsive for all modern devices and screen sizes – best to capture attention, even when they are away from their desks

Let’s Discuss What’s Next

I’m not a high-pressure type—never have been, never will be. During the first FREE call, I’ll ask if you wish to continue working together. We’ll talk about what you get for your investment. We’ll discuss various options. I’ll lay out clear pricing. Then, it’s up to you.


Business Branding

By its nature, colors, graphics, and logo are all parts of your brand.
But the most important element of a brand is how you connect with the customers and how they view your business. If you’ve been in business for a while, your brand may need an update. If you’re new to business, you may need a tiny bit of help.

Your Results: Branding Guide for your business or nonprofit
Schedule: 4 one-hour online sessions within a 1 month or agreed-upon period
Investment: $1,000

Clarify who you are focusing your effort on. One size does not fit all, especially online.

Target the customers who matter to you, focus your effort, streamline your processes, and increase your effectiveness.

Discover what your clients or customers expect.

Talk with your desired customers – know what type of services or products they are looking for, where they spend time online, discover what they dislike, and find out how you can serve them better.

Identify how you can stand out from the crowd.

Once you know what your customers expect, now you can find what makes you unique. Discover what makes your business stand apart – product, packaging, ease of use, customer service, faster turn-around… you get the idea.

Best of all – find your why.

Why do you want to serve your customers? And why should they buy from you? There are a lot of similar products out there – but the why is how you can differentiate yourself from the chaff and really connect with your clients.

Website Platform

Your website is designed to be a lead funnel—that’s it’s primary mission. A site MUST convert traffic into qualified leads, sales, and donations. Think about it, isn’t more viewers (and buyers or donators) the main result you want from your site? A website that doesn’t produce leads is just a waste of your investment.

Your Results: A website that meets the defined needs
Schedule: 1 online meeting a week, between 1 to 3 months
Investment: Variable based on requirements, minimum $3,000

We start your content strategy with an audit of existing content.

Once we know what content you have, it’s easy to identify content to be developed. Content is king! It’s what drives traffic and engages your audience. Good content supports your mission and entices donations.

What good is a pretty site if it’s not meeting your goals?

Usability is as important to your website as beauty and creativity of design. After all, if the site isn’t designed for a smooth user experience, you’re going to have a lot of visitors clicking off the site. Without good usability, your site is destined to fail in its objectives.

Your site is mobile responsive for all modern devices and screen sizes.

Search is trending aggressively toward being mobile in all ways. With the significant uptick in mobile users, keeping a dated or non-responsive site will degrade your authority, frustrate your viewers, and reduce the trust in your brand and services. You must have a mobile-responsive site, otherwise you’ll lose at least half the browsing audience.

Keep your viewers engaged and happy with a fast loading site.

Quick-loading sites are much more “sticky” than slow poke sites. How long do you stay on a site that loads slowly? Not long! We take care of all the varieties of image compression to keep your site loading quickly on every device – and keep your viewers on-site and on-board.

man designing a website

Marketing Services

Sadly, “if you build it, they will come,” just doesn’t work anymore on the Internet. While building the website, we’re integrating social media. But without marketing services, your site will disappear in the vast amount of sites online. Getting traffic – qualified viewers who are actually interested in what you have – is the next step.

Your Results: Strengthened relationships with desired customers, increased traffic to your site & more sales
Schedule: Variable based on requirements – minimum 3 months to see full impact!
Investment: Variable based on requirements, minimum $500/month for development and management*
*Does not including advertising costs

business deal sealed with a handshake

Targeted and effective advertising – in the right place, at the right time, and in front of the right people.

Drive qualified traffic to your website and boost sales today. Have an overall strategy – so you know what goals you are striving for and what your milestones are (so you know if you’ve reached them). Keep your marketing budget tight and focus only on the people who want your services or products.

Build relationships with minimal effort – but with plenty of heart.

With the help of modern technology, you can monitor your reputation and craft authentic responses – because your customers matter, and they should get the customer service they deserve. Automated functionality, fast turnaround times, and virtual teams will keep your business growing… even when you are on that well deserved vacation to the Bahamas.

Boost authority by increasing content that represents your brand.

New content is King and your content is eagerly consumed by your viewers… if only it could get published fast enough! Drop that stress – instead take advantage of a skilled team of content writers, editors, and publishers who will grow YOUR brand, one blog post at a time.

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