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Learn How to Make Mind Mapping Work for You

Learn How to Make Mind Mapping Work for You

Organizing My Ideas… With Mind Mapping!

I either had too many, or not enough, ideas. As you could probably guess, it usually didn’t work out all that great. I would get caught up on the details without laying down the groundwork, or I would set up the initial stage of my project but have no idea where the heck I was going. Then I discovered the amazing concept of Mind Mapping.

It’s a pretty cool concept. Similar to brainstorming, you write everything down on a napkin, a white board, a PowerPoint slide, your friend’s hand… seriously, whatever’s around. But it’s different from brainstorming because instead of just writing down concepts that you already know, you can take it a step further and create concepts that you didn’t know were actually options.

And you’re not limited to just writing words – get as creative as you want. Draw your ideas. Use ALL the colors. Use curved lines. Or be as minimalistic as possible – make this technique work for you, not the other way around!

There are a few great websites out there if you’re interested in the finer details (listed at the end of this post for your convenience!) but what it boils down to is this – relationships. How the different elements are related to each other, or how you can form a new idea by putting different elements together.

But I Need an Example!

The photo above was the result of a mind mapping session where I was thinking up potential side jobs. I started with the bubbles labeled CREATIVE, COMPUTERS and BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT. The next level was to identify potential jobs that I could branch out into – that would be the brainstorming segment, identifying elements that I already know about. But the next step, the most important step, is to identify the possible relationships between those elements. As you can see, I was able to identify two such relationships – WEB BLOGGING and SECURITY.

Looking at this mind map from all the possible angles, I was led down the path to start an online business. My personal goals direct me to help others, provide suggestions, inspire motivation, and build up capabilities – the whole reason why I’m writing this blog now. Your personal goals are obviously your own and mind mapping may help you identify what the next step will be. Now get motivated and get your ideas out there!


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