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Get Your WordPress Blog Started Off Right

Get Your WordPress Blog Started Off Right

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Getting Started with WordPress

Have you been wanting to setup a WordPress website but you’re not sure what exactly you need to do? Then this series is just right for you!

I’ve already covered the basics in the Quick and Dirty version (check it out here if you missed it!), but this series will cover the nitty-gritty details such as: VS versus

They have same name and similar features, but it’s important to understand the differences! is technically free to build, has thousands of free themes, and most importantly, lets you monetize (such as adding advertising space) to your website. Unfortunately, you will have to host the website through your own computer or via an online hosting platform. GoDaddy, BlueHost and HostGator are all great examples of hosting sites that are primed and ready to go with WordPress. This will cost some money and I highly recommend shopping around to get the best fit for you. Because each hosting site is slightly different, you will need to follow the directions provided by the site’s FAQ page, find a handy How-To guide, or ask someone for help. is free, doesn’t require additional steps to set up, and has free hosting. Unfortunately, the free stuff can be pretty lame and you will need to pay to get any of the bells and whistles (to include plugins!). The decision-maker for me was that I would not be allowed to monetize my website without paying hundreds of dollars a year – totally negating the benefits in my opinion. But it is free, which can be a significant factor when you’re just starting out. Also handy – guides you through the whole setup process!

If you’re still not sure which one is best for you, the best bet is to start off with – you can always switch over later!

Next up – Setting Up a Theme!

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