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Demo Website Design: Product Sales

Demo Website Design

Product Sales


This website was designed to provide information, promote, and sell a single product to other businesses (B2B). I went with to host this demo and picked a free theme, just to see what I could do with it.

The Homepage has great visuals, plenty of space for text, while still maintaining the responsiveness and beauty to be viewed on any device. Just a note, only the Homepage has been worked on, several of the links are there for visual purposes only, and I made the buttons, pricing plan stand-in, and contact form in Microsoft PowerPoint. I would prefer to finish up this site outside of to enable free plugins.

What’s the difference between and

Important note! If you’re on your phone, view site in ‘View Full Site’ mode (option at the bottom to switch between that and Mobile). Seriously theme guys, it’s already responsive. Why do you have to cut off most of my Home page in Mobile mode?




Feedback is welcome – post any questions or comments in the space below.


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