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Hey, Bobbi Young here…

USAF Veteran, 15 Years of Intelligence Analysis, Owner and Operator of Inspired Growth Portal

The core values that we strive to uphold are:
1. Dedicated to innovation and growth
2. Iteration is our goal – not “perfection”
3. Provide quality with a purpose
At Inspired Growth Portal, our primary mission is growing your mission – through strategic thinking, website design and development, and marketing.
Through detailed discovery sessions, the Inspired Growth Portal team will identify your needs, wants, and desires when it comes to your business or nonprofit online. We find the right people and the right services to exceed your expectations.

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Bobbi Young

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Have You Ever Been At A Point In Life So Low That Up Seems The Only Way To Go

I Have, And It Was A Turning Point For Me

Four months into my entrepreneur journey, I was in the hospital and feeling defeated. I was sick, in pain—and absolutely aware that my business’ progress was brutally halted.
Despite a full-time job and kids at home, all my free time was devoted to pursuing the entrepreneur path. In my typical fashion, I committed 300%. There was SO MUCH TO DO and I felt like it all had to be done at once.
Maybe you feel like this about your business too. You have to find your niche, develop a desired product or service, establish a network, build a website, and handle clients too. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed, completely stressed out, and feel tired all the time. Does this sound familiar? Well, that was the path I was on too.

Everything In My Business Stopped Dead In Its Tracks

Unstoppable Me Came To A Screeching Halt

That’s when it happened – everything broke down. My appendix decided to quit. It started with debilitating stomach pain that left me curled up in bed, unable to move. When it’s your appendix, you simply can’t ignore it. You gotta take care of it.
That’s how I ended up in the hospital.

Unfortunately, everything in my business stopped too. My website build was halted. Client appointments were missed. Deadlines forgotten. It wasn’t until I was waiting for surgery at the ER when I realized that I was the sole employee, and the single point of “failure” for my business.
It may sound a little over to top to you, but my own health wasn’t my concern. You’re an entrepreneur and I bet you understand—but my business situation drove me nuts while I was getting well. What bothered me most was that I hadn’t outsourced anything. I’d set up no automation. Heck, I didn’t even have a framework or processes for automation.

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As Often Happens With Life’s Difficulties

This Challenging Time Drove Some Positive Changes

This stint in the hospital taught me that SOMETHING needed to change. I took a break from building and looked hard at my own weak points. I outsourced some of them, signed up for courses for others. I built automated processes and developed focused strategies for my business.

I’m no longer stressing about single-handedly tracking and resolving everything under the sun. My systems have given me more time to focus on my children and doing the things I really love. I’m no longer plagued by nightmares about completely failing in my entrepreneural venture.

The best part though is that I’ve developed these same systems for my clients. The lesson was learned, and my entrepreneur and non-profit clients get the benefits.

Inspiring Ah Ha! Moments Of Comprehension Is One Of My Biggest Thrills

In The Air Force, I Developed My Skill In Translating Techie-Speak To Normal Language

Soon after joining the military, I was leading training sessions to use technology in accomplishing the mission. It was fun to empower students to quickly figure out what they needed, and how to use technology to accomplish it. I was directly in charge of 35 people – guiding them on day-to-day mission matters. I worked with them to strategically integrate technology to accomplish the overall mission and individual goals.

Being hands-on and teaching people, rather than just doing admin work, gave me visible results. I could see the “Ah Ha!” moments of comprehension as students “got it”. I found I had a skill in translating from techie-speak to normal language, and loved getting the audience or trainees up to speed.

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Fifteen Years Of Research, Analysis And Packaging Information…

Have Honed My Skills To Meet the Needs Of The Customer

When I got out of the military, I became a government contractor and excelled while working multiple contracts over the years. This was an excellent opportunity to expand my skills in researching, analyzing and packaging information. Ultimately, I’d present this information in a briefing or documentation to the leader of the project or group.
Here’s what’s relevant to you about my expertise in this kind of work. Think about it this way. The job is to take intelligence from multiple sources, then conduct analysis on it to figure out what’s going on in an area or in the world. Now, consider the value of applying those skills to business intelligence when making your online business and website decisions.
Imagine the implications of research and analysis that ranges from strategic to tactical. Translated to your business, this would include information that is strategic, such as, “Where do you want your business to be in 5 years?” or “Who are your targeted customers?” Tactical decisions might include specific keywords or fine-tuning your next advertisement. Working hand-in-hand, we take both that long-term strategy and the day-to-day approach for your business.

When I Started Working On My B.A. In Information Technology…

I Realized That Website Design And Development Was My Passion

As I worked toward my B.A., I pursued some additional Digital Media courses. I studied website design, user experience, and programming languages. When combined with my established strategy skills, my “calling” became obvious.
This probably won’t mean a lot to you, but learning Java and Python was fun for me. Immediately seeing the results of my typing was an elegant and orderly experience. HTML/CSS (controlling HTML with cascading style sheets) provides a simple way to control the appearance of multiple website pages. I was hooked on using an orderly system to present information. I received my B.A. in Information System Management in May of 2017.
What’s relevant to you is that I know and LOVE the tech side of building a website. I’m committed to being the best, and to staying on the leading edge. So you can relax—knowing that I’ve got your back and will handle this part of the mission for you. You can focus on your tasks to accomplish the overall mission.

One Thing Led To Another and I’ve Just Kept On Learning

A Thirst For Knowledge And Excellence Drives Me

Getting a degree fed my desire to develop criteria for the ultimate website possible. I’m adamant that a site should be a platform to grow your business. It’s not just a website (read online brochure). It’s a vehicle to promote your business, engage with prospects, and convert leads to clients.

Since leaving “official school”, I’ve been constantly enrolled in one form of study or another. I’ve…
– Taken several online self-guided study courses on building businesses and nonprofits online
– Accomplished and broke down several courses for developing customer relationships and boosting sales
– Studied copywriting, sales pitches, and marketing funnels
– Intensely studied and assimilated steps for social media campaigns

There’s one quirky thing about my taking some of these courses. I’m not just studying these courses for the content – sometimes I only wanted to learn how they were TEACHING the content. I love to find new ways to implement processes and methodologies to pass along information to my customers and my customer’s customers. Everyone learns differently, and this practice only adds to the tools in my toolbox.

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My Dream Job Of Intelligence Analysis Fits With

My Need To Protect Clients and Their Companies From Vulnerabilities

My military and contractor paths led to my dream job of intelligence analysis. It was the ultimate combination of all my skills to apply to a primary problem – research focusing in cybersecurity to make sure that everything is secure.

Research, analysis and development of packages for senior leadership was still a primary deliverable. It brings out my protectiveness to brief leadership on potential vulnerabilities, and to clarify how to protect themselves and their companies.

You may be asking yourself, “How does this benefit ME in the website that you’re going to build for ME?” You can be sure that your site is research-based, deeply analyzed, and definitely secure. The best part is that you don’t have to be a technical expert to understand what I’m doing. I’m willing to give you as many or as few details as you want. I’ll teach you, if you choose. If you just want me to take care of it for you, that’s OK too.

Starting My Own Business Is Driven By My Desire To Contribute

With This Business, I Can Promote Both Veterans and My Philosophy Of A Marketing Platform Website

Being an intelligence geek, I was researching how I could help the most people. Observations showed me that many small businesses were struggling with building an effective website. Sure, it’s easy to get a website, but that’s not enough. You need a website that builds your business for you. Learning everything about how to do that became my new mission.

Your website can’t just be pretty or just be informative. It must also have marketing functions built in. Not only do you have to have built-in marketing functions. You also must know how to use them optimally, and to actually use them consistently. So, it’s a combination of having the most effective platform, and working that platform to grow your business.

That’s where you can expect me to be in your corner—to pitch in and be your secret website weapon. Everything I’ve learned: Tech training in the Air Force, falling in love with website design in college, developing my “marketing platform” website philosophy. It’s all led to launching Inspired Growth Portal and to help you grow your business.

Donating For A Cause

10% of all revenue earned by Inspired Growth Portal is donated to the National Veterans Foundation. They provide a Lifeline for Vets – a program focused on preventing veteran suicide.

You May Be Wondering Why I’m Focused On Veteran-Oriented Businesses

I Miss The Camaraderie Of The Air Force

As I considered launching my business, the big question was identifying who I wanted to work with. That’s when I noticed that I miss my military family. I wanted that esprit de corps. I saw a lot of the problems veterans face when they separate from the military – to include PTSD and combat-related issues.

Veterans, once driven by their missions, often struggle to find purpose and meaning in civilian life. Inspired Growth Portal supports individual veterans by building their businesses. We also support non-profits who are helping veterans find new meaning in a variety of ways.

We start off with a lot in common because of shared backgrounds. Many veterans will admit that sometimes talking with civilians is challenging. Simple questions like, “Where’s home?” or “What was your deployment like?” can be difficult to explain to someone who has never left the town they grew up in. It’s not a criticism, but simply an explanation that there are differences that can make communication convoluted or difficult.

I’m no longer in the military, but I still want to serve the family I found while in the Air Force. To do that, I give back to the community by building a network of like-minded veterans. Together we’re all stronger and growing our value jointly. Working as a team, we throw our energies into completing the mission of building your business.

And just know this about Inspired Growth Portal: You can trust my team and I to bring militarily-honed discipline and skills to your project. Service is our driver and we can best serve you by providing the ultimate website—a streamlined, fully functioning, lead generating platform for your business or nonprofit.

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