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4 Key SEO Strategies Business Owners Are Overlooking

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4 Key SEO Strategies Business Owners Are Overlooking


Updated: 1/5/2019


Anyone can implement the following key SEO strategies for their small business’s website. Luckily for you, most of your competition won’t put in the effort to optimize their content or their website.

According to BrightEdge, 51% of traffic comes from organic search, so optimizing your site to show up for people who are actively searching for the information you have is vital. Below you will find actionable steps within each strategy that you can implement today.

Just a warning though – implementing these strategies will lead to an optimized website, better connections, and local authority.

But wait! Before you do anything else, go to Google.com and in the search bar, type this -> site:yourdomain.com

For example, my website is https://inspiredgrowthportal.com so I would type in site:InspiredGrowthPortal.com

If your site doesn’t show up, then unfortunately there is a registration problem. This needs to be fixed FIRST by going to the Google Search Console.

If your site is showing up – congratulations! Get ready to optimize your website for search engines and the people who use them. Below are four key SEO strategies that you can implement right now to give your site a boost of organic traffic.

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“52% of worldwide internet users are on a mobile device.” – Statista


  • Make sure that your website is fast, lightweight, and mobile-friendly. You start this process by reducing file sizes, making sure that your website is streamlined to improve the users experience, and testing the speed often. Fast and easy to navigate websites have higher user satisfaction, leading to visitors who stick around longer. Lastly, according to BrightEdge in 2017, 57% of worldwide search traffic came through a smartphone or a tablet, so make sure your website is mobile friendly!
  • Metadata on your pictures has a twofold advantage – improving your SEO and making your website accessible to people using assistive technologies. Inputting metadata doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming – WordPress plugins, like Yoast, makes it a quick and easy process. Are you considering visitors who have vision disabilities? (You totally should!) Put clear, but short, descriptions of pictures in the alt text to do your part and expand your business’s market.
  • Link your business’s social media channels with your website. This simple step “proves” to search engine crawlers that your site is credible. It also helps if you post often and use keywords in your social media posts. Social media is an excellent way to save money on advertising and increase connections with your customers – but they all have advantages and disadvantages, so make sure you are adapting your content for the platforms that make sense for your business. Don’t treat them all the same!


key seo strategies - circle magnifying glass Measure and Improve


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“SEO isn’t about gaming the system anymore; it’s about learning how to play by the rules.” – Jordan Teicher


  • Mastery of these, and other, key SEO strategies will not instantaneous! There will always be parts on your website that needs improvement. So start it off by gathering data now! Set up a tracking functionality – such as Google Analytics – to establish a data baseline and reveal your website’s trends. Use a SEO tracking tool to help you identify and double-down on the keywords that work, which pages visitors view the most, and where the visitors are leaving your site.
  • Internal links can seriously improve your customer flow by pushing traffic from popular pages to less popular pages – leading to boosted ratings. If you give your visitors links to relevant or interesting content, they will stay on your site longer and be more involved with your business online. As for how many links to put in your post, Neil Patel on Kissmetrics stated that you should add as many links that you think would be helpful to the viewer. Just be sure that the link makes sense for the article/page, appeal to the reader, and won’t overwhelm them with information.
  • Speaking of links, backlinks are totally a thing and are extremely important for SEO. Do what you can to get your website link on separate, relevant, and quality sites. The visitors who will click on those links are likely looking for what your business offers – ultimately leading to a longer view time and an increased SEO ranking! While it’s not difficult to get backlinks on some websites, it can be very difficult to get them on “quality” sites. Regardless, developing backlinks can be very time intensive. But spreading the word about your business’s website and increasing your traffic is absolutely worth it!


key seo strategies- circle calendar icon Keep Your Content Fresh


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“Good SEO is paying attention to all the details that most bloggers ignore.” – Ryan Biddulph


  • Set up a blog but be careful – visitors don’t like outdated content and it usually takes seven to eleven interactions before they become buyers. Updating the content frequently not only appeases the readers and encourages them to come back, but it also attracts the search engines spiders (or robots) to index the web pages frequently. Set up a posting schedule to entice visitors to return, build up trust, and grow some loyal fans. Lastly, some great advice I received (which I’m still trying to work on) is to write blog posts in advance – writer’s block can happen to anyone!
  • Identify a long list of trending keywords that relate to your business – then combine two to three keywords in each blog or social media post. Gathering up your keywords will give you a wealth of topic ideas to write about and/or further grow your business. Don’t forget to place your keywords in the blog’s <h1> heading tags and <h2> or <h3> subheading tags when you write your post!
  • Developing a presence online can be pretty difficult. Establishing your business’s authority online can feel near-impossible when you are just starting out. That’s why it’s important to focus on one topic, service, or product until you are just flat-out amazing at it. Build up blog posts about one subject, link them all together with internal links, and fully establish your business as the authority. Not only does this make search engines rate you higher, it also benefits the customers who need your help… all while building up your authority. Sounds like a win-win-win to me.


key seo strategies- circle location icon Make Your Business Local


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“97% of consumers looked online for local businesses in 2017, with 12% looking for a local business online every day.” – BrightLocal


  • Local results show above most regular search engine results – regardless of how well the key SEO strategies or how professional the actual website is. Visit the googlemybusiness page to make a business profile. Add your address, pictures, and events to give people an additional way to find your business. Another positive element to this step – if there wasn’t enough benefits already – is that this will give you another great backlink to your official website. How about a two-for-one SEO boost!
  • Further boost your local results ranking by including testimonials and ratings directly on your website. Make it easy for your customers to leave reviews by giving them a link to post their feedback directly on Google and then use a plugin (such as the WordPress Google Review Pro) to display these gems to all of your visitors. You can even offer to accept a picture for them for use in the review – we are in the era of selfies, so make it a win-win by turning your customer into a star.  
  • You know the digital world is my passion, but being a friendly (physical) neighbor can be helpful too. Think about the businesses around you that could benefit from your referrals, and who would also appreciate having a reliable resource to direct their patrons to. Develop and grow in-person connections and discover any opportunities that could benefit your mutual customers.  Could even give your local businesses shout-out’s on your blog posts to further spread the word.


Key SEO Strategies Action Plan


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It may be pretty difficult to accomplish all of these key SEO strategies at the same time and honestly, your website may not need all of these suggestions to boost your SEO score.

Each business is different and it’s possible to excel with just a few. Just keep in mind that your SEO measures will need regular attention and constant adjustments to really connect with your target market.

Need some help with implementing these key SEO strategies or getting your business out there for the world to see? Contact me today!



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